What started out as a translator-job soon became my first chance to gather experience within freelance scientific journalism.

Founded by Alexander Schlichter in 2015, WUNDERDING is platform which collates the newest articles on AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality) and Genome Editing. Each Tuesday, we send out a newsletter with summaries of our top 9 articles of the week.

We have now also become part of the newly founded "riff" collaboration of German journalists - the RiffReporter. The weekly Wunderding letter can also be found on here (so far only available in German)

Last year, we were also delighted to work for the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin and to do a live coverage of the conference via Social Media. We also published an article on African start-ups for the Falling Walls Fragments.


What started out as my MSc thesis is now becoming an independent project, investigating the different native, alien and invasive species of crustaceans which can be found at Attenborough Nature Reserve (Nottinghamshire, UK).

A small photo book with the findings is in progress.


Each Friday, I publish a short article and a few photos on either a science- or photography-related topic.

Lately, I've been writing about my travels to the different nature parks in the US. It is amazing how many different parks one can see in only a months time!

At the same time, I have started working on a series of interviews with nature photographers. So far, you can find my interviews with freshwater photographer Jack Perks and wildlife photographer Heather Angel online.

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